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Our Website Development & SEO Services will get you more customers

Create a remarkable presence online with a modern website that is high on internet searches to increase customers. Take your business to the next level.

Why do you need to develop a website?

Get your brand and business known

If you are starting a new venture or want to increase your potential customers by developing an online presence then a solid website is essential.

Having a website also  allows you to extend your online presence though active online marketing to increase sales:

  • Add a signup form for  a monthly newsletter, allowing you  to send out news and offers;
  • Add blogs to become an expert in a specific area;
  • Post these newsletters & blogs to your social media accounts to  further increase  engagement, website traffic & ultimately sales.

Increase your Sales with SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engines optimisation. It is all about ensuring that your potential customers can find your website easily on search engine result pages in an organic way, ie without you paying for ads!

As part of our website development we use latest software to identify core key words that your website needs to rank for to get noticed.

These key words are seamlessly added to your page text, and back office adjustments are made to your websites SEO settings and plugins.

We create all our websites with this full SEO capability as standard right from the start to increase your chances to get found in Google searches – what’s the point of having a website if no one can find you?!

Our Proven Development Process

We work alongside you to develop a feel for what you do and how you want to be represented.
We will create a home-page mock-up so that you know from an early stage what you will be getting. 
We will conduct the website build, with regular review sessions so you can see progress and add changes if necessary.
We will teach you how to keep your website updated with things like fresh images and blogs.
We will always be available for support if needed!

You will get

An affordable modern site that is easy to navigate and will perform well on internet searches, making it easier for customers to find you.

A website that you can control and keep fresh.

What platforms can you develop on?

We develop sites on WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and Kajabi and if you are not sure which platform is best for you, we’ll advise you on which one matches your needs and budget best.

However we prefer to develop websites on Wix, the world’s most popular platform for building websites.

Why develop on WIX?

The main advantages of WIX are that it is affordable, feature-rich, user friendly and comes with a well-rounded set of e-commerce features.

This makes it a good website building option for a small business owner on a low budget.

What does it cost to develop a website?

Any price needs to be considered with the benefits of increasing your brand awareness and increasing your sales. If you get 100 new customers from your website every year, this works out as Rp1,000 cost per customer for every Rp1mill you spend on your website!

And after the 1st year your website has paid for itself!

Standard Website

Rp 8,000,000
  • Our standard website development consists of what we believe to be the core 5pages of all websites:
  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • About Us page
  • Our Products / Services page
  • Blog page

Additional Pages

Rp 750,000 per page

Rp 5,000,000 for up to 10 pages

Rp 8,000,000 for up to 20 pages

Add an Online Store

If you are selling products and want to create an online store, we can add this to your website, either as part of a website build or as an addition to your current website.

  • The price of a website build for an online store will depend on number of store items.
  • The build includes integration with payment gateways such as Paypal  and XEndit (for bank transfers).


Rp 2,000,000 for up to 10 product variations

Rp 4,000,000 for up to 20 product variations

Rp 8,000,000 for up to 50 product variations

All prices include training so you can keep your website updated with new products & prices.

Do I need a Landing Page?

Website Development & Marketing - landing page

We can develop both single landing page sites, and landing pages for specific purposes.

Landing-Page Site - IDR 4,000,000

A landing page site is ideal for those who want to be online but don’t necessarily want or need to have a full website. This option works well for those who are selling one single product or service.

Multiple Landing-Pages - from IDR 1,500,000/page

Landing pages are ideal when you already have a website and want to promote a specific campaign (eg weekend special promo) or guide visitors to a specific call to action (eg to book a call with you, or to sign up for a Zoom).

Landing pages are normally highly specific and customised to individual promotions.

Have a Project in Mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Want a FREE Initial Review?

We offer a free consultation where we will review your current situation & systems, and create a personalised road-map on how to get to what you want to do. No strings attached.