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Digital Marketing Company based in Bali under European Management

Increase your sales with our core digital marketing services such as social media management & website development, and with our own cloud-based CRM Customer Database System. 

Why are we different?

We are a small digital marketing company with a team of two from the UK. Each of us has been living & working in Indonesia for 15-20 years, working in digital marketing for the majority of those years. Our aim is to help small businesses increase their sales by maximising their digital assets including social media accounts, websites and customer database.

We only take on a small number of customers at a time, this means that we are invested in your success over the long term. We add value by not only using our technical expertise to undertake work with your digital assets (eg manage your social media accounts, develop a website for you, etc) but we will also use our extensive digital marketing experience to help you maximise the effectiveness of your digital assets.

Your success is our success!

Website Development

Do you want to have a beautiful website?

We develop websites in  WIX, WordPress, SquareSpace and Kajabi. If you are not sure which platform is best for you we can advise you on which one matches your needs and budget best.

WIX for Small Businesses

We recommend developing websites on WIX, the world’s most popular platform for building websites.

WIX is affordable, feature-rich, and user friendly, and comes with a well-rounded set of e-commerce features. This makes it a good website building option for a small business owner on a low budget.

Proven Development Process

We will create your website using our proven steps that include home-page mock-up before full website build, this means that you know from an early stage what you will be getting. 

Increase your Sales with SEO

We create all our websites with full SEO capability as standard right from the start to increase your chances to get found in Google searches – what’s the point of having a website if no one can find you?!

Social Media Management

Do you want to increase customers & engagement?

With our social media management service we will manage your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram & Google for Business. This service includes:

  • Working with you to define & create your content based on your marketing objectives;
  • Planning and agreeing a posting strategy;
  • Developing and aggreeing a #hastag strategy;
  • Providing copy for Instragram & Facebook posts by a native english speaker;
  • Monthly report that monitors performance against Key Performance Indicators, with feedback on what is working best;
  • Monthly strategy meeting via zoom.

We'll help you grow your Social Accounts

Customer Database Marketing

Do you want to increase your sales & reduce your costs?

We have developed our own cloud-based customer database system called NirahCRM that allows you to easily create and/or maintain your customer database that you can use to increase your sales.

Our system solves two of the crucial problems with customer databases:

1) How to get your customer data in to the system? We have added integrated features such as invoices & payments, and customer forms so that you can capture your customer data during key business processes.

2) What to do with your customer data once you have it? The main objective is to increase your sales through other integrated features such as loyalty points/card, auto-emailing and email marketing.

Whats more, it is easy to use, has multi-user access, and with a price from Rp500,000/mth for unlimited users it is designed for small businesses.

Reduce your costs

As our marketing system already includes integrated features such as invoicing & payment, loyalty points and email marketing, you will save you money as you do not need the expense of many systems such as an Invoice System, a Loyalty System, an Email Marketing System,  etc.

Also, these systems often charge per user – we charge per company!

Increase your sales

Email marketing ROI produces a whopping 3600% return ($36 for every $1 spent). This means that a successful email marketing campaign can help businesses skyrocket ROI, generate qualified leads, and improve sales conversions.

Find out how NirahCRM was specifically developed to help small businesses increase their sales through email marketing and more!

Our Other Services

Digital Marketing - Social Ads

Social Ads

Do you want to get more customers? We can set up your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Google and make sure that they are optimised to get more customers.

Virtual Marketing Staff

Want to hire marketing staff/manager but do not want commit to hiring full-time? You can hiring one of our experienced marketing staff/managers part-time at an hourly rate to allow you and your team to focus on your business.

Digital Marketing - Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Do you want to save time on your social media? We can help you define your social media content, and setup your social media calendar for you to run it yourself. Your calendar will be online so you can review/edit and share at any time!

Digital Marketing - Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Not sure what to do? Bit lost on how best to re-focus your business for a new product or service? We offer both Digital marketing consultancy and Technical consultancy to help you define your roadmap on how to get to where you want to go.

Have a Project in Mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Want a FREE Initial Review?

We offer a free consultation where we will review your current situation & systems, and create a personalised road-map on how to get to what you want to do. No strings attached.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that there are a number of factors that set us apart from many of our competitors:

  • We work with small to medium sized business including sole traders and entrepreneurs. We therefore offer affordable modular rates so you only pay for the services you need.
  • Our European managers have many years experience helping businesses of all sizes get more customers with Digital Marketing Services including web build, social media management, virtual marketing staff & social ads.
  • We have developed our own Nirah Quality Standards:
    1. project scope and project plans are agreed before any work starts;
    2. during the project we conduct regular  project reviews with our customers (weekly or monthly, whichever is more appropriate);
    3. at the end of the project we conduct a project review with the customer to discuss project success and any next steps.

Who we've worked with

Take a closer look at some of the companies that we have helped shape and share within the travel, wellness, education, restaurant and food industries.