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Get More Business from Existing Customers

Easier & more profitable to get more business from your existing customers

After building websites and optimising SEO to get new visitors/ business we realised that there is something missing, and that is looking after your existing customers. 

How to Get More Business from Existing Customers

We believe that there are 3 ways to use marketing to easily get more business from your existing customers:

1. Email Marketing

The main emails included in this are newsletters, special offers & up-sell emails. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, and it remains just as important in 2023 as it has been in the past. How significant is this for new business? This report from Litmus illustrates that email marketing can increase your ROI by “a whopping $36 for every $1 spent” , and there are a number of other reports with similar numbers.

"79% of marketers list email marketing in their top 3 most effective marketing channels." HubSpot


2. Automated Marketing

The most popular automate email is the Birthday Email that is sent out near a customer’s birthday. It celebrate’s the “personal holiday” and gives you an opportunity to give a special offer to help sweeten their day.

However its not just about offers. The Birthday Email also increase customer sales and retention – a recent survey from Hubspot found that these birthday emails had a 481% higher transaction rate, resulted in 342% higher revenue, and had a 179% higher unique click rate when compared to other promotional emails.

Thats impressive, and other types of emails  also have high rates as well including Thank You email and Miss You email.

"They can help customers learn more about your brand, encourage them to keep coming back, or remind them of why they bought from you in the first place." Mailchimp

3. Loyalty Program

Its well known that loyalty programs can have an overall increase in sales. A study by McKinsey, for example, found that customers who are members of a loyalty program are 59% more likely to choose a brand over a competitor and 43% more likely to buy weekly.

In fact it is estimated that more than 90% of companies now have some form of loyalty program. Google any brand along with the words “loyalty program”, “rewards program”, or “membership”, and 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a hit.


Products on the Market not fit for Asia

Irrespective of these actual figures, its obvious that you should be aiming to generate more business from your existing customers in addition to trying to generate new business. If you do some research on loyalty programs, email marketing programs, and upsell programs you will find that many of them are priced such a way that small businesses cannot afford them.

One of the biggest costs is price per user, and since small businesses often have a few people multi-tasking they need many staff to be users and so they cannot afford these solutions.

The other cost factor is geographical. The majority of these systems are based in USA or Europe and have western prices – who in Asia can afford $30/mth per user for 5 users? Who is going to pay 1year up-front to try it out when this represents a monthly Asian salary?

Create Own Customer System

NirahCRM - cloud-based Customer Database Marketing system

For this reason we teamed up with one of the major software companies in Bali and created our own system! Its called and overcomes the main price pain-points – it is priced for the Asian market, and it includes multi-users.

Also, the price is based on size of your customer database – the price only increases as your business increases.

Cloud-based Customer Marketing system is a stand-alone cloud-based Customer Database Marketing system with features aimed at increasing your sales to your customers including:

  • auto-sending branding & awareness emails such Happy Birthday, Thank You, Missed You, etc
  • Loyalty system with points & tiers so you can run your own Loyalty Rewards Program
  • fully-functioning Email Marketing capabilities so you can send newsletters, special offers & upsells

Additional Features

It also has additional utilities such as as an integrated Invoice & Payment module with unique features that include overdue auto-email reminder and advance purchase of credits. If you are in Indonesia you can also integrate with Xendit to receive payments by bank transfer & credit cards (other payment integrations will be added on request).

We also have plans to add additional utilities such as:

  • Referral Code to encourage more word-of-mouth recommendations;
  • Event Forms to get your event visitors registered online via a form so that you can easily reach out to them easily after the event – no more Google forms!

Another advantage of the system is that it is supported in Asia (actually from Bali), so no more support chats at 9pm with the support agents in the west, or waiting 24hours for an email reply to your support ticket.

We are very proud of pour system and we’d be happy to organise a zoom-demo for you – in Bali time of course!